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Royal Columbian Hospital Redevelopment Phase 1

CES Engineering is proud to be acting as Commissioning Authority for the $258.9 million Phase 1 of the Royal Columbian Hospital Redevelopment project.


As the first step in this multi-phase, multi-year project, Phase One provides foundational elements for the site in preparation for subsequent phases. Phase One includes:

  • Construction of a new Campus Communications Hub (Data Centre).

  • Energy Centre, including fit-out of equipment required to service the MHSU building and existing campus;

  • A new 75-bed mental health substance use (MHSU) building of approximately 13,000 BGSM;

  • Campus IT network Perimeter Pathway System (CPPS) connecting the communications hub to the buildings and third-party structures,     and which will be used for the installation of the fiber optic ring;

  • Four levels of underground parking,

  • Associated tunnel and bridge connections to the existing campus;

  • Conversion of most of the campus from steam to hot water;

  • Upgrades to campus-wide systems including humidification and electrical power


This highly technical project requires a complex phased approach to commissioning, and extensive planning for the activation, validation, and handover of the Energy Centre, and CCH Data Centre, and CPPS along with the main MHSU building. CES is currently leading the commissioning team in development of Commissioning Plans for each of these unique but overlapping project phases, with commissioning activities expected to begin in early 2019.


CES is leading commissioning of all building systems for the MHSU, CCH, Energy Centre, and CPPS, including Central Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Control Systems, Critical AC Systems serving the Data Centre, as well as Steam, Medical Gases, Plumbing and Fire Protection. As the Energy Centre will serve the existing facility systems, part of the scope includes upgrade of existing building mechanical and electrical rooms, connections to existing systems, as well as partial demolition of existing services. 


Commissioning of electrical systems includes high and low voltage (Vital, UPS, Conditional, Delayed Vital) power distribution, Emergency Power Supply and Load Management Systems, Power Monitoring, Lighting, Fire Alarm and Controls systems.


Commissioning scope of work for communication / IMIT Systems include a complete Campus Communications Hub, PA systems, vendor clinical equipment, power management and power monitoring equipment.  Also included are A/V, Video Surveillance, Access Controls, Intrusion Alarm, Nurse Call, and CATV systems. 


Vancouver International Airport CORE Program

The CORE Program at YVR represents one of the largest and most important series of projects for the Airport Authority, and will improve the safety and performance of key facilities, while also addressing terminal expansion and increased capacity requirements in alignment with the Airport Authority’s 2037 Master Plan. The overall program consists of 5 projects: 1. Sustainable Energy System (SES), including geoexchange well fields and mechanical infrastructure to support the entire terminal complex, 2. Electrical Infrastructure (EI), consisting of major upgrades to the existing 25kV power network and provision of standby power to the entire terminal complex., 3. Central Utilities Building (CUB), a central facility to house new mechanical and electrical infrastructure to replace the existing utilities building and both terminal mechanical plants, 4. Ground Transportation Facilities (GTF), consisting of new parking facilities, ramps and passenger bridges to expand car rental and public parking, support revenue generation and to alleviate curb congestion, 5. Rainwater Capture to supply emergency firefighting water and to reduce potable water use throughout the airport.


CES was contracted by YVR Airport Authority to provide comprehensive Total Building Commissioning Authority Services for the YVR CORE Program.  The scope of Commissioning Authority services includes comprehensive commissioning scope of all mechanical, electrical, communications, access control/security, and building envelope systems, as well as asset management, preventative maintenance planning, and extended central plant & Infrastructure Optimization.

Toronto Community Housing - Social Housing Apartment Improvement Program (SHAIP)

Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) retained CES as Prime Consultant to investigate, consult and design major energy and sustainability retrofits pertaining to building mechanical, electrical and controls systems at five (5) TCHC buildings. 


In addition to providing complete and professional design services, the project scope of work included modelling, measurement, and verification of the design work to ensure achievement of established performance objectives and utility cost savings. The project was delivered using a highly collaborative and transparent process based on the principles of an Integrated Design Process (IDP) approach.


As part of Ontario’s 5 Year Climate Change Action Plan (2016-2020), TCHC SHAIP is a funding program to support retrofits for social housing apartment buildings, with the following objectives:

– Reduce GHG emissions

– Improve living accommodations

– Reduce operating costs

– Support the GHG retrofit sector


Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Back-up Traffic Operations Centre

CES Engineering was hired by Infrastructure Ontario as a Prime Consultant for the MTO Back-up Traffic Operations Centre project, completed in 2018.


The project involved decommissioning the existing space used by the COMPASS program at 159 Sir William Hearst Ave and repurposing the space to build a back-up traffic operations center. In order to meet the functional requirements of the renovated space, new Emergency Generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems were required with increased capacity along with upgrades of existing electrical and mechanical infrastructure. The work also included remodeling of the ground floor boardroom space.


As prime consultant, CES provided design engineering services for HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, BAS, Electrical Power Distribution, Technology Systems, Architectural, Life Safety, FF&E, Environmental Services and Cost Consulting. 


CES Engineering provided all consulting services using in house personnel apart from Architectural design services performed by Cumulus Architecture, as well as a structural engineering sub consultant, utility scan company for exterior and interior structural scans and environmental consultant (DSS abatement and exterior environment compliance).

BCCW Redevelopment Phase 3 

Project Overview 

This project consists of the 3rd and final phase of the BC Children’s and BC Women’s Redevelopment Project, a $678 million, multi-year, multi-phase project. The Project is located at 4500 Oak Street campus and is divided into three phases.  The project is currently in construction, with expected completion in 2020.


Phase 3 will renovate a large portion of the areas vacated by department moves from the 1982 Building (main BC Children’s and Women’s building) to the new Teck ACC following patient moves in October 2017. The vacated areas will be repurposed to accommodate moving Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children (“Sunny Hill”) to the Oak Street Campus from their current independent building located in East Vancouver; for the expansion of the Single Room Maternity Care (“SRMC”) unit at BC Women’s by 10 beds; and for the relocation of the Women’s Perinatal Substance Use Inpatient Unit within the 1982 Building.


CES scope of work for this project includes the follow:

• Development of Decommissioning Plan for vacated spaces including all existing equipment including furniture, IT devices, security devices, fire plan devices, other devices plus all medical equipment including MRI and other large equipment. Coordination of completed mainly by the Authority, partial by demolition contractor and/or specialty sub-contractors.

• Commissioning during separate demolition contract including verification mechanical, electrical and communication systems pre- and post- demolition and reconfiguration

• Total Building Commissioning for main contract including Envelope, Mechanical, Electrical, Communications in accordance with CSA Z-8001-13 Commissioning of Health Care Facilities


UBC Campus Energy Centre 

The $24M Campus Energy Centre is the focal point of UBC’s conversion from steam to hot water heating system, part of a campus-wide effort to modernize infrastructure and realize significant energy and GHG Emissions savings. The project consists of a central 45MW hot water boiler plant (3 separate 15 MW fire-tube boilers), heat recovery condensing economizers, and distribution pumping systems, as well as energy transfer stations for the building services. The central plant is supported by a control room with all PLC and local control equipment, as well as standby power and distribution – with provisions for a future boiler, pump, and cogeneration plant.  The facility also serves as the head office of UBC Energy and Water Services (Utilities), with approximately 25 people working in the space.


CES was hired by UBC Infrastructure Development/Project Services for as full service comprehensive commissioning of plant systems along with all base building systems. Scope included ALL building and central plant equipment, including boilers, distribution pumps, condensing economizer (Heat Recovery) and Plant Control System (PCS/PLC), building mechanical (HVAC and Plumbing, BMS Controls), electrical (Normal and Emergency power distribution, Fire Alarm and Lighting and controls systems), as well as energy transfer stations (ETS) within the building.


CES also served as Hazardous-Assessment Lead, coordinating, documenting, and verifying that potential hazards surrounding plant design, operation, and maintenance were corrected or mitigated.  CES also served at main BCSA liaison, tracking requirements and coordinating with UBC AHJ’s to ensure all regulatory requirements were met surrounding plant startup, initial operation, occupancy, and full-time operation.

Ryerson University

Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex

The Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex (Church Street Development) at the Ryerson University campus, is a true mixed-use building, bringing together four Schools from the Faculty of Community Services, shared classrooms and facilities, University administration offices, Zone learning facilities, and residence units for up to 332 students. With approximately 18,200m2 of space serving the academic programs and another 12,700m2 of residential space, the project will be one of the largest buildings at Ryerson and a significant presence at the south edge of campus.


CES Engineering is hired by Ryerson University as the LEED Commissioning and Measurement and Verification Authority. The commissioning scope of work includes mechanical, plumbing, BMS, electrical and communication systems for this facility. This project is currently in the full swing of commissioning activities with the new school scheduled for opening in spring 2019.


Toronto General Hospital Deep Lake Cooling Retrofit 

Toronto General Hospital (TGH) is an acute care teaching hospital with over two million square feet, located in Toronto, Ontario. The TGH central chilled water plant provides chilled water to HVAC and process loads throughout the hospital via seven chilled water risers. To enhance the capacity, redundancy, resiliency, efficiency, and to reduce utility costs, the chiller plant was upgraded prior to the 2018 peak cooling season. The main feature of the upgrade was converting the plant to run primarily on the Enwave deep lake district cooling system.


The upgrade included:

-       Installing four 1500 Ton heat exchangers to connect to the Enwave deep lake district cooling system

-       Installing one new 1500 Ton magnetic bearing chiller

-       Installing five new primary chilled water pumps to replace the existing pumps

-       Installing a new side stream chilled water and condenser water pump

-       Installing a controlled bypass on the condenser water system to allow circulation of treated water

-       Installing new metering, valves, and sensors


-       Updating of the chilled water plant controls including emergency power operation, switchover to the backup plant, automatic               sequencing of the backup plant, automatic sequencing of the new plant, chillers, primary pumps, secondary pumps,

        and control valves

-       Refurbishing the central plant control room with new monitors and workstations

-       Removing a 2400 Ton centrifugal chiller (25 degF dT chiller)

-       Removing a 1400 Ton single acting absorption chiller


CES was engaged by the University Health Network to perform complete Commissioning Authority Services, with a focus on the construction, sequences of operation, and the functional testing of the chiller plant systems and equipment.

Energy Study & EBCx - Toronto Police Headquarters and Scarborough Civic Centre

CES completed a comprehensive ASHRAE Level II Energy Study and Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) investigation of the Toronto Police Headquarters (300,000 ft2) and Scarborough Civic Centre (237,000 ft2).


The re-commissioning scope of work included identification of low cost energy measures, documentation of equipment sequences of operation and development of Systems Operation Manual and Ongoing Persistence Savings Measures.


The scope of work for these projects also included a complete infrared thermography study of the exterior building envelope system and boiler combustion gas efficiency testing.


Based on this investigation, capital intensive measures up to 20 years simple paybacks were selected for implementation.


Telus Sky Mixed Use Office Tower

Telus Sky is a new architectural landmark in Calgary’s downtown core, transforming the entire 7th Avenue block into one of the most technologically innovative and environmentally friendly sites in North America.  The project consists of a 761,235 square foot office mixed-use tower that includes office, retail and residential space. There is approximately 420,000 square feet of office space, of which 9 floors are occupied by anchor tenant TELUS Corporation.


CES Engineering was contracted by the Owner/Developer (Westbank) for comprehensive Commissioning and Monitoring Based Commissioning Authority Services for Building Base Building and central plant systems.  The scope included LEED EAp1, EAc3 and EAc5 services, as well as full commissioning of all mechanical, electrical, controls and integrated base building systems.